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FIC: Living On the Edge 1/? Mature/R (Buffy/Gunn)

TITLE: Living On the Edge
AUTHOR: Susan / apckrfan
EMAIL: apckrfan@yahoo.com
DISTRIBUTION: My site, my Yahoo Group and my LiveJournal. Anyone else, please just tell me where it's at.
DISCLAIMER: I don't own any characters. They are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, etc. No copyright infringement is intended and no profit is made.
RATING: Mature
SPOILERS: Through Restless (BtVS 4x22) and To Shanshu In LA (Angel 1x22), AU after that
SUMMARY: Buffy meets a freelance vampire hunter while at her dad's on summer break after defeating Adam and The Initiative. She doesn't realize befriending him is going to bring her right back into Angel's world when they've been so careful about avoiding one another.
COUPLES: Buffy Summers & Charles Gunn (with some Buffy/Riley & Buffy/Angel references)
DATE STARTED: February 2007
FEEDBACK: Please, I can't write better without it.
NOTES: I know we saw no evidence that Buffy went to stay at her dad's after the Season 1 break, but I'm assuming she'd have at least visited him for a week or two.

Buffy meets a freelance vampire hunter while at her dad's on summer break after defeating Adam and The Initiative. She doesn't realize befriending him is going to bring he right back into Angel's world when they've been so careful about avoiding one another.


**Part One**

May 2000
Los Angeles, California

They were down to one, Charles having dispensed with his. Whether he knew it or not, she always managed to get the brunt of the vamps, leaving him with the table scraps. He was only human after all. A good fighter, but still just a man. Riley would have caught on and complained by now. Charles had yet to say a word, almost as if he didn't notice her sneakiness.

"Behind you."

Buffy didn't need the warning. She'd already slid her stake under her arm, letting the vamp impale his own bad guy heart without even batting an eyelash. Your run of the mill vampires were so mundane at times. Defeating things like Adam and Mayor Wilkins left her feeling above a measly vampire staking at times. But it was still her calling. And there was nothing like a good spot of violence.

"Man, you are quite enjoyable to watch."

"Thanks," Buffy said, pocketing her stake. She'd just dispensed with her third vamp of the night. Charles had taken out a couple, too. There was a never ending supply in LA it seemed.

They had met her first night patrolling here in LA. Neither was sure what to make of the other at first, until they'd realized they were fighting for the same side. Now they hunted together. She was going stir crazy from being at her dad's with no one to hang with. He said he couldn't sleep. She could understand that. And so they had fallen into a somewhat odd friendship. When they were done for the night they usually found somewhere to talk or just hang out together. Sometimes it was on her dad's front porch or the driveway in Charles' car. There was something to be said for killing things together. For knowing about the monsters together.

Buffy wasn't stupid. She saw the haunted, distant look in his eyes sometimes. He had heavy things on his mind. And he was probably dangerous at those times, too. To himself. She wasn't worried about her. She could take care of herself. She hadn't mentioned she was the slayer. It didn't seem important. If he suspected that she was more than just your average girl who hunted the things that went bump in the night she didn't know.

She felt a little guilty when Charles put his arm around her. The guilt came from the fact that she let him more than his actually doing it. And she liked it. She wasn't being honest with Charles or herself if she considered herself completely available.

She and Riley were taking a break. After everything that had happened with Adam, they both needed it. She was still trying to sort it all out. The Initiative. The government wanting to experiment on the monsters. Riley had chosen her, but would he the next time? Had he learned anything? Would he be right there at the opening of the next Initiative-like facility? It was why she'd moved her visit to her dad's up after finals. She wanted the respite. She felt terrible for feeling that way.

She felt more terrible still when she found herself comparing Charles to Riley. Here was a guy who was street smart, knew the dangers yet still fought the vampires with his fists. Well, more or less. No fancy gadgets or weapons. He didn't have drugs or computer systems to tell him stuff. He just did it.

"I mean that, too, Buffy. I've been on these streets a long time, fighting. It's refreshing to see someone who makes an art out of it."

"Well, I'm not sure anyone wants to make an art out of death."

"You're killing scum, Buffy, lower than scum."

"Oh, I know that," she said, sliding her arm around his waist. She let her head rest against his shoulder. It was a casual thing, but it was comfortable walking with him like this. And nice feeling in ways she should probably ignore.

"So, you ready to call it a night?"

"Sure," she said. "My dad will be expecting me home pretty soon."

He snorted at that. She got the impression Charles Gunn didn't answer to anybody.

"Well, I'm in college, so I don't have a real strict curfew, but still. I have to make an appearance."

"I get that, Buffy. Anyway, I'll get you home."

"Okay. Maybe we can watch a movie or something."

"If you want. Sure. It's been a while since I've kicked back. Even longer since I've kicked back with a pretty chick."

She pouted, toying with her lower lip. "I'll accept the pretty part, but work on the chick part."

"A pretty woman. Is that better?"

"Much," she said. She stopped, turning into his embrace a little. Both arms went around his waist. "Chicks are little yellow birds that represent Easter. They're cute and squeaky."

"I'll remember that."

His dark eyes, barely discernable in the night, met hers and she knew this was do or die time. He was letting her make the move, if there was going to be one. Could she have a summer fling? She decided as she moved in to give him a kiss that she was thinking entirely too hard on the situation. For the moment, she was a free woman. He was a free guy. They were attracted to one another. And they had some post-slaying energy to deal with. She'd kind of gotten used to not having to use food as a way to burn that energy off.

Their kiss turned hungry and needy fast. She wasn't sure who was hungrier or needier just then nor did she care. Her hands tugged on his shirt, pulling it from the waist of his jeans so she could touch him. Skin to skin. Feel the heat of him.

She groaned softly, lips parting, wanting more of him in her mouth when her hands found his skin was as warm to the touch as she'd thought. His hands were busy caressing her ass and the small of her back.

She found one of his nipples and heard him groan into their kiss when she stroked it with the pad of her thumb. It was a heady feeling, his reaction and she went with that. She felt his hand under her skirt, caressing her ass through her satin panties.

He drew away, his fingertips grazing her thighs just even with the hem of her skirt. Just a little longer and he would have been in her panties, too. She wondered what it meant that she wanted that. She kissed his jaw, finding his ear and the side of his neck.

"Ease up, baby."


"While Gunn appreciates you're primed and ready to go, we're out in the open."

"Oh," she said, more than a little frustrated as she rested her head against his chest. She heard his heart pound, knew he was primed, too.

He palmed her cheek with his hand, lifting her face so she was forced to look at him. He smiled then. It was a nice smile, even if the look in his eyes rarely matched.

"Relax, baby, I'll get you home. If you'd like to stop off somewhere for a bit we could do that. I'm sure there's an empty alley or something by where your old man lives."

They walked to his car arm and arm. They were already in a secluded area. Warehouse district or something. At night. There was no one around but them. And the dust from the vamps they'd killed. She didn't even let him get the car started. She was on him as soon as he sat in the driver's seat.

He didn't seem to mind. His kisses had the same urgency she was feeling just then. Her hand slid to his crotch, stroking him through his jeans. He was already growing hard.

"Christ, Buffy," he murmured as she slinked lower in the seat to unfasten his pants. She'd never done anything like this. Gone down on someone in a car. Hell, she hadn't even done it to Riley that often as part of sex. Tonight, though, she couldn't wait.

Her cry was muffled due to her mouth being full when his hand slid under her skirt and pushed aside her panties. His fingers got busy quick. It seemed the faster she stroked him with her mouth his fingers echoed the pattern.

"Baby likes it a little nasty," he whispered as she circled his head with her tongue. She'd never really thought of herself as nasty or sleazy. Her venture into sex before a full-fledged relationship had been established taught her a lesson it took her a long time to get over.

She liked hearing it though, and he seemed to pick up on that. She took him deeper still, busily using her mouth and tongue. She bucked back against his hand and fingers as she reached the point she'd needed, wanted, to achieve for what seemed like forever now.

His hand came down on one of her ass cheeks with a crack as he shot off in her mouth. It sounded incredibly loud in the otherwise quiet car. Their groans and other noises were no competition for the sound of skin to skin contact. She felt him stiffen, as he pumped into her, deeper and deeper. She wasn't well practiced but she thought she did pretty well taking so much of him without gagging.

"Watch me, baby," he whispered as he slid his hand along her ass before lifting it up. She sat back a little, letting him slip out of her mouth to look at him as he'd asked. He took each finger into his mouth one by one, licking it clean.

"You are the tastiest thing."

She groaned at that. Riley never said things like that. He didn't talk much period. It was kind of exciting. She leaned over him, taking him into her mouth to be sure she'd licked him clean. She liked the feel and taste of him.

"You are, too," she said, shifting so she could rest her head against his lap. He draped an arm over her stomach, pushing her skirt down.

"Just in case someone passes by."

"Right. Because the windows being fogged up wouldn't tell them anything."

He chuckled at that.

"I should tell you, I don't normally do that. I mean, I don't you know to every guy I meet."

"I got that, baby."

"Okay. And if it doesn't happen again. I mean, if you just want to go back to hunting together."

"Are you nuts? You think I want to let someone else get a piece of you now?"

"Hmm, there's a good reason."

"I've been trying to think of an excuse to see you outside of our nightly hunts all week."


"Really, Buffy. If this didn't just prove it, I like you. A lot."

"I like you, too," she said quietly. It didn't hurt as much as she thought it would to say that. She didn't feel like she was betraying Riley. That shocked her.

"I don't normally either. I know guys have a reputation for thinking with anatomy other than their head, but I don't usually let that control me."

"Okay," she said, tilting her head back against his thigh so she could look at him. He ran his fingers through her hair. She should feel weird, dirty, guilty but she didn't. She felt oddly invigorated, good.

"I'll get you home now. And I guess now I shouldn't feel weird about asking you to a movie or something."


"You sure? Maybe you don't want more?"

"No, I'm sure, Charles."

"All right. And just cuz that happened tonight, doesn't mean it has to every night. Not that I'd complain if it did."

"Thanks." She sat up then and kissed him. "A lot."

"You're welcome a lot, baby. Now, let's get you home to Daddy so he doesn't take your T-bird away."


He chuckled. "Don't want him to think I'm the reason you're out late and forbid me from seeing you. Is he going to have a problem with me?"

"A problem with you?"

"I'm black, you're white."

She shrugged. "I don't think so. It's never come up before, but I'm nineteen."

"Fair enough. Just making sure you're cool with my picking you up and stuff."

"That's fine."

"Putting my arm around you and stuff."

"If you must."

"Aww, baby, I have a feeling I'll must a lot."

Her heart did a little flip flop at that comment. It was exciting. "I'll take that to heart."

"You do that."

He started the car after adjusting his pants. She couldn't help but laugh as he worked at putting himself back together again. It was much easier for her.

He walked her to the door once they got to her dad's house. The porch light was on, but otherwise there were no signs of life. She imagined as long as she didn't give her dad any indication she was up to her old tricks he'd let her do pretty much whatever she wanted.

He leaned in once she'd gotten the door unlocked and turned to face him. His mouth found hers and if she doubted his sincerity earlier about liking her, she didn't anymore. He parted his lips slightly, but made no effort to deepen the kiss beyond a touching of the lips. Soft, gentle, tender, something suggesting he'd be back.

"Good night, Charles."

"Night, Buffy. Sleep well."

"I don't think that will be a problem tonight."

"Me neither, ‘less I think about your mouth when I shouldn't be."

She smiled at that. "Shh."

"Listen to you, all shy now." He kissed her again. "I'll call you tomorrow."


She went inside, waiting to shut the porch light off until she saw him drive away. She felt good. The high from slaying had been sated and she knew she'd sleep well. A good orgasm could do that. And this one had been good. She couldn't imagine how good he'd be with more than just his hands.

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