Maren (marenfic) wrote in buffygunn,

More Average Love Story: They Date (B/Gunn, PG)

Title: Average Love Story (3 of 5 ficlets)
Author: Maren
Pairing: Buffy/Gunn
Rating: Gen to Adult (this part PG)
Summary: They meet, they hang out, they date, they… you know, and they live reasonably happy ever after—it’s just your average love story.
Author Note: This ficlet is dedicated to flurblewig, who asked for holiday Buffy/Gunn at fandom_wishlist. This is part of a 5 part series of ficlets that can be read as stand-alones. Thanks to southernbangel who beta'd for me and saved everyone from even more excessive use of italics. Also, I don't know if any of you are as dorky as me but when I research for fics I often "shop" for characters and this fic is no different. So if you're interested, the dress and the shoes.

They Date (link is to my journal)
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