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life taught me to die

the buffy/gunn community

5/13/05 12:00 am - viciouswishes - Shiny Shoes Are Distracting

Title: Shiny Shoes Are Distracting
Author: viciouswishes
Rating: G
Summary: Buffy shows up at Wolfram & Hart and finds Gunn instead of Angel. Post-"Unleashed." 361 words.

4/27/05 05:17 pm - juleskicks - Right. Hi! *waves*

Heh. So, I suppose as the mod, I ought to say something, hm? Boy, do I suck at introductions like this.

Um, yes. This community is for sharing in the Buffy/Gunn love. Because, well. It's Buffy/Gunn. Who doesn't love the Buffy/Gunn?

Let's see. Discussions, fic, art, it's all good. Just, yeah, cut anything that would get an NC-17, and, to save flist space, anything bigger than an icon or longer than a drabble (defined as 100 words for our purposes).

And also... *shameless pimping* Perfectly Willing, the one and only Buffy/Gunn archive, is now live.

To get some conversation started... how about some challenges? Any specific things you'd like to see? Maybe it'll help some of us get moving. Me... I'd like to see some Buffy/Gunn/Wes, for one thing. But that might just be me. *grins*
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